Logos Quiz Answers Level 12 for Android

Logos Quiz Answers level 12 android

Logos Quiz Answers level 12 android

Logos Quiz Answers Level 12 for Android – Text Version:

Let’s get started: The first logo with letters “B r ka” is Bershka, a red rectangle and a pine in circle is Spar, the third logo is Biotherm, the next one is Tic Tac, letter “Y” in oval with a flower is Yoplait, a yellow logo with a red arrow is Sunoco, a colorful square and letters “Al….a” is Altria, a red check mark and letters “zo” is Verizon, letter “M” in blue circle is Motorola, a logo with letters “B…of A” is Bank of America, start with “D” end with “as” is Douglas, a logo with letters “LOC MA” and a blue star is Lockheed Martin.

Blue letters “VEC” is Iveco, red rectangle with letters “RTH” is Kenworth, the next one is Wrigley’s Spearmint, start with letter “Ce” is Cessna, start with underlined “S” with motto: “A United Technologies” is Sikorsky, the next one is Agusta, letter K and N is Kenzo, red G and black C is GQ, red letters “Me” and “He” is Men’s Health, a red merged letter R and V is Roncato, a white shield with letter T is Tesla, letters “MB” in yellow square is IMDB.

The logo start with “K” and end with “e” Kyocera, a logo with letters “TIVI” is Activision, the next one is Oceanic Airlines, a white teddy bear with red T is Tous, the next one is Teka, a woman facing left and letter “Co” is Cohiba, letters “STA” in blue rectangle is Staedtler, a blue square with a smile and letters “bro” is Hasbro, the next one is Ssang Yong, letter “r” within letter “P” is Paco Rabanne, the next one that start with “AM” Amtrak, blue backward G is Abbott.

The next logo start with “SA” is Santana, start with “Mi” in yellow rectangle is Mikasa, 3 black arrows are Descente, the next one looks like a desert clothes is Dakar Rally, a scorpion in red circle is Castelli, red letter “A” in oval start with C is Chery, a colorful square and letter P is Polaroid, a red rectangle has a swan in circle is Stabilo, start with “PE” is Petronas, a red square and start with “Bra” is Bradesco and the last one is Billabong. You can find the rest answers on the picture below

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